Lemondrop Zero GraviTea


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It’s High Gravity Brewing Company’s hopped tea brewed with Assam tea leaves. Known for their malty flavor, Assam tea lends a “beer-like” dimension and we add just enough Monk Fruit (a calorie free sweetener) to enhance the tea flavors and balance out the hop bitterness. Lemondrop hops are used as they are citrusy like Citra hops but the alpha acids are a lot lower, eliminating the harshness that would be present in a drink with little to no body or alcohol.

The result is a balanced zero calorie non-alcoholic alternative for hop lovers looking for an alternative to beer.

Ⓥ (Gluten Free)

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Pint, Taster, 16oz Can, Flight, Keg 5.16 Gallons